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Out There Tech News

Microsoft reveals now coffee table
07/11/07: This amazing new coffee table is a whole new paradigm or computing. Watch the video here.

The screen cleaning cat
03/22/06: Ever wondered how to clean the inside of your monitor? Perhaps not, but this cat has the solution: (Macromedia Flash).

Study your neighborhood from the sky above
02/28/05: You gotta love it; you are flying above any spot on the planet or even Mars! Two new services offers to take you around in a way not possible before. Visit, and for more.

Paralyzed Man Sends e-mail By Thought
02/05/05: A tiny brain chip sensor has enabled a quadriplegic man to check e-mail and play computer games using his thoughts. The device consists of an array of 100 electrodes that can tap into as many neurons at a time. Besides is a great site for your health in the workplace.

Wow! Checkout the Newest High Tech Surfboard by Intel
Summer 04: Intel, the mother of Pentium released a surfboard of their own. A longboard with built in computer. Take a look see.

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