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Trouble Water  Support Page

Having Trouble? - Get your leash here.
Your leash is your lifeline, so remember it!

Talk to a techie?
Many issues can be resolved by contacting a professional consultant. Please contact us for an appointment.

Island Wide Computer Service and Care
How are your computers running? Itís time for a spring clean. Dust greatly reduces the lifetime of your computers and printers. Spam and spyware infiltrate and slow down your computers. It pays off to have both clean hardware and clean software; free of dust and spam the like. When did you bring the computers in for a service? Now just call us to schedule a maintenance visit; you donít need to unplug everything since we come to you. Just call 281-1169 to schedule an appointment. Remember that prevention is better than repair.

Want regular preventive maintenance before the crash?
Your systems will run better if being maintained on a regular basis. Please contact us for an quote on a contract. S
ecure your computers so your don't experience sudden downtime. We help protect many computers in Hawaii.

Hosting Issue?
If you are having problems with your hosting please use the Trouble Ticket system from within your control panel. Mahalo.


Remote Support

Visit remote support portal -
To join a session or to respond to an invitation visit our remote support portal.

Install remote support agent
Here is a link to install our free simple remote ScreenConnect agent. With this we can easily connect to your desktop and help you on-screen as needed. This link will download a file to your computer that you will need to install; just run it, allow it - Click here to install.

Install Remote Managed Service Agent
Here are links to deploy our paid Remote Managed Service Agents. Install only if instructed and/or if under agreement with us. This is NOT a free agent and require a current service level agreement (SLA). After installation your computer will be remotely managed and accessible to our designated administrators;

Link to Workstation Agent installer - for Windows desktops & laptops.

Link to Server Agent installer - for Windows Server.


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